Six levels of Deep Listening you can use with your colleagues, friends, and family

We like to learn about communication. Here we share the four-layers model by Friedemann Schulz, enriched by Philippe Brailleur with two more layers. We love to share these "snippets" of inspiration, a...
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Four signs you are in a burn-out. And how to deal best with those on the verge.

One in eight people have a burn-out. We all know someone who has gone through it. The question is thus not so much if it happens, but when, and with whom. Can we build sensitivity for its early signal...
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Merge organizations and cultures with constellations.

stakeholder engagement event program BLOCKBUSTERS CONSULTING SYSTEMIC LEADERSHIP
Merging two organizations is an intensive process. Two (social) systems are put together - each with its own history, geographical origins, employees, and culture. A decision to merge is often embedde...
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Boost communications with force-field constellations.

ORGANIZATIONS ARE COMPLEX, SOCIAL, AND LIVING SYSTEMS OF RELATIONS AND INTERACTIONS Organizations are complex systems. Shelves full of books are written about organizational management, des...
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