How do you win in the age of sustainability?

At the speed that we let go, success can be born.

It is time for radical honesty in the workplace.
world’s first systemic stakeholder engagement consultancy firm

BLOCKBUSTERS is a fast-growing corporate membership network. We provide lean, fixed-fee change and culture development programs. Within three years we make sure you have built the capacity to apply our process, blueprints, and tools. This is how you can lead your company and industry's culture. Are you courageous enough to join?

our vision

We advocate stakeholder capitalism as a way toward sustainable company growth. It provides a mindset to re-design the business interactions and impact. We need to walk the talk. We need the big picture. Time has come to fully integrate sustainability and corporate responsability in your own and the industry's culture. It is very simple: people back on track, back in business.


our mission

We empower today's leaders to 'bust' the 'blocks' in their business culture and societal context. What breakthroughs do you need with stakeholders? For complex, multi-layered, multi-party issues, change needs to address the root cause. Once we zoom out and find the underlying dynamics that drive internal and external stakeholder behavior, we can change it.


System-wide. Symptoms at one level in the organization reflect dynamics at the top or wider industry trends. Challenges (e.g. burnout, conflicts) that arise from these "unconscious dynamics" can be solved only if the big picture is seen.


Any party with an interest in a matter or venture. Stakeholders can be primary (e.g. customers, employees, suppliers) as well as secondary (e.g. government, media, activists) and contextual (e.g. the earth, past and/or future generations).


A multi-dimensional tapping into a stakeholder's essence and wisdom. Involvement can be on a rational, pragmatic, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level. The key lies in moving head, heart, and hands.

back on track, back in business

With our programs you gain access to high quality advisory, facilitation, training, and coaching services. For a fixed monthly fee you can sign up. Change the world, but start with yourself first. Are you ready to succeed mercilessly?
People in this place realized with this program how they had forgotten to love themselves: meaningful.
Initiator Incompany Coaching Day
Where people were at first sarcastic, hostile even, they now do all they can to contribute.
Initiator branchwide pioneer circle
I love the blueprints for dealing with organizational culture. Its principles even work with my family!
Consultant at Training Intensive
It was your attention for detail, while bringing in the bigger picture, that allowed us to re-position again.
Whistleblower program participant
I loved your respect and care in our contact. I was scared at first, confused second, confident now!
Burnout prevention participant
I was soooo afraid to step up. Now that I dare to speak up, however, I got myself a promotion, yay! :)
Coaching day participant